Kingman County Law Enforcement Center

  • Kingman, KS
  • Government
  • Addition / Renovation

New addition of 7,931 square feet to the Kingman County Law Enforcement facility with 22 jail cells.  The new jail facility will provide flexible options for separating adult male and female detainees, violent from non-violent offenders, juveniles from adults, detainees awaiting trial and prisoners serving sentences or awaiting transfer to Kansas Department of Corrections.  Installation of a new control center will provide law enforcement staff with master control of confinement facilities, visitation area and public restrooms.  A new secure sallyport located on the south side contains a secure booking/intake area with isolation cells.

Renovation to the existing 6,522 square foot structure will allow for relocation of the emergency communications and dispatch center to the new addition.  The renovated space will then have offices for the Kingman County Sheriff, offices for City of Kingman Police Department, locker rooms, secure armory, secure evidence and records storage.