Kwik Shop travel center opening in Park City

Mar 19, 2021
Kwik Shop Park City

The Kwik Shop near 53rd and I-135 will have an area for overnight truck parking

Arby’s and Atwoods will soon have a neighbor.  A Kwik Shop travel center is under construction in the Echo Hills commercial development near I-135 and 53rd North.

The $1.6 million facility will include a traditional convenience store with gas pumps. Unlike most Kwik Shops, however, it also will have an attached quick-serve restaurant and an area for overnight truck parking.

The company’s special-use permit request to have overnight parking was approved more than one year ago.  Construction was scheduled to start in early 2020, but it was pushed back because of the pandemic as well as change in project management.

All Kwik Shop stores are owned by EG Group, which purchased them in 2018.

Echo Hills, which was home to an 18-hole golf course for many years, became a commercial development in 2012.  Since then, only two businesses have opened at Echo Hills.

Arby’s, which committed to the development in 2013, opened in 2017. Atwoods opened in 2020, closing its previous location in the 6200 block of North Broadway.

Kwik Shop’s overnight parking area will have enough space for up to six trucks.

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