Charities’ Adult Day Care Services Expanding Into A Second Location

Mar 4, 2016

Charities’ Adult Day CareCatholic Charities’ Adult Day services program will open a second location around May 2.

It is nearly at capacity at its current location at 5620 W. Central in Wichita, where the diocesan ministry serves about 80 seniors and adults with disabilities daily.

The second site, located about three-fourths of a mile west at 5920 W. Central, is in a strip mall near the intersection of Central and Ridge. Renovation by The Law Co. is currently underway.

Jenny Foster-Farquhar said Adult Day Services’ focus is to prevent pre-mature nursing or institutional placement while keeping its clients engaged in the community. Adult Day Services also helps their clients’ families by giving the families respite and ability for them to continue employment.

“The program provides activities that are community and center-based that are driven by client choice and focused on activities of daily living,” she said. “Services include an on-site, registered nurse who provides medication management and wellness monitoring. We also provide transportation to and from the facility. Services are comprehensive which make the facility a very busy place.”

Foster-Farquhar, department director of Family Strengthening Services, said their day program offers breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

Dana Bond, the Adult Day Services’ program director, said she will split her time between the two sites after the second is finished.

“When complete, 10 people (from the original site) will move to the new location,” she said, adding that any new clients would be located at the second, new site.

Foster-Farquhar said the expansion is the result of the strong support of the Catholic Charities board of directors. “It is allowing us to move forward and to fulfill our mission, which is community inclusion, particularly for seniors and adults with intellectual disabilities.”

They said the additions has also been made possible through a collaborative grant by the Sedgwick County Development and Disability Organization that will subsidize some of the cost of the second site.

The second location will focus on services targeted to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Interested in learning more? Clients of Adult Day Services can attend as few as two days a week or up to five days a week. For more information, contact Dana Bond at (316) 942-2008.

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