Major Remodel and Expansion Underway at Hays Dillons

Jan 16, 2016

Hays DillonsMajor grocer, Dillons, has announced a multi-million dollar renovation and expansion at their Vine Street location in Hays, that will not only give the building a new look, but will also bring many new offerings to the location.

“In my 27 years of doing this it’s probably the largest dollar amount remodel I have been involved in,” said Keith Harnack, construction manager.

“When we’re finished it will be a brand new store,” said Sheila Lowrie, Dillons spokesperson. The store will expand into the former Rent a Center creating a larger location.

“We’re going to be investing heavily in this space to bring in Strabucks, we’ll have glass fronts for natural light to come in, free wireless internet services for our customers there,” Lowrie said.

A Sushi kiosk will also be a major feature of the expansion, along with major changes to the entrances, flow and look of the store.

“There’s many things that are going to be moving and shifting inside of the four wall to accommodate all of the changes,” Lowrie said.

“We feel like we won the lottery,” said Don Koerner, store manager.

The entire process is expected to be completed this summer, but the process will be invisible to shoppers as days and hours of operation are not going to change, with work being completed during the night.

Many departments through the store, however, will be moved and natural foods will be integrated into the general isles indicated by special markers making comparison shopping easier.

“We’re making enhancement throughout the store to increase the amount of natural foods that we offer,” Lowrie said. “That’s one area that customers tend to tell us that they are looking for.”

Food and beverages will not be the only expansion through the store, as an apparel section will be added, the pharmacy will be expanded to include private consultation space and the floral department will grow as well.

Sports apparel in the store will be dedicated to Fort Hays State and some of the local schools in town, Lowrie said.

Exterior upgrades will be part of the renovation as well.

“On the exterior of the building, towards May, the building will receive an all new coat of paint…we’ll have new parking lot lights on the poles, go with a different color, all new building lights on the outside, all the signs are being replaced with LED energy efficient sings, the fuel center will receive a new canopy skin or face, we will have LED signs on that also,” Harnack said. “There’s a lot of improvements, it’s a very good investment in the city of Hays.”

While they believe the improvements will be welcome in Hays, the company is also understanding of the hassle that it may create to shoppers during the process.

“It will be a work in progress and we appreciate our customer’s patience, because we know it’s difficult when you move things throughout the store,” Lowrie said.

The updated decor in the store will be similar to the Hall Street location, following a remodel that was recently complete there, with warm colors, soft lighting and wood signage.

“We’ll get all the new bells and whistles that you see in a marketplace store,” Koerner said. “This is the biggest remodel that we’ve done in a long time anywhere.”

“It’s going to be great for the community.”

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By James Bell
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Dillons Store #61 located at 1902 Vine Street, Hays KS 67601