Inter-Faith Ministries Announces Humanitarian Award Winners

May 9, 2014

Inter-Faith Ministries Announces Humanitarian Award WinnersInter-Faith Ministries, a social service agency dedicated to helping many of Wichita’s more vulnerable people, has chosen whom they will honor for doing that kind of work in 2014.

Recipients of Inter-Faith’s Annual Humanitarian awards for the past year, according to a prepared statement from the Ministries, are:
• Peace by Piece Award – Ben Grisamore, for his work with homeless people and those returning to the community after incarceration.
• Leadership through Faith Award – Saajan Bhakta, creator of the organization PovSolve, a not-for- profit that addresses hunger.

• Spirit of Faith Award – Junior League of Wichita, for its work to combat child abuse through education to understand and recognize it.
• Light of Faith Award – Keisha Humphries, Director of Via Christi Cancer Center, who helps patients, families, and supporters by changing lives and offering hope.
• Golden Rule Award – The Law Company, for making a difference to adults with disabilities who attend the Adult Day Services at Catholic Charities.

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By Roy Wenzel
 The Wichita Eagle
NOTE: Awards to be presented at the 2014 Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner on August 21, 2014. 7:00pm BeechActivityCenter