USD 267 – Renwick Bond Projects

  • Andale, Colwich, Garden Plain & St Marks, KS
  • Education
  • Additions / Renovations

The USD 267 Renwick Bond Projects consists of expansions, renovations and safety / security improvements to six school sites within the district.  The $28M bond issue was passed and funding prioritized to meet the needs of the following schools.

Andale Elementary School

  • New Secure Entry
  • New Storm Shelter / Media Classroom
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • New Locker Rooms and Renovated Storage
  • Complete 2nd Floor Middle School Renovation
  • Restroom Renovation
  • Fire Alarm / Electrical Upgrades

Andale High School

  • New Secure and Accessible Entry
  • Front Office Remodel
  • New FFA / Industrial Arts Rooms
  • New Gymnasium Addition
  • New Locker Rooms
  • New Weight Room
  • New Bus Drive

Garden Plain Elementary School

  • New Secure Entry
  • New Office
  • Remodel existing Locker Rooms
  • New Storm Shelter / Band Room / Music Room
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • Converted Restrooms to become ADA approved Restrooms
  • Expanded Parking
  • ADA Playground

Garden Plain High School

  • New Secure Entry
  • Add Secure Corridor to Connect Buildings
  • New Performing Arts Auditorium
  • Renovated and Expanded Industrial Arts
  • FACS, Art, Tech Classroom Addition
  • Relocate FFA in Existing Tech Building
  • Parking Lot Expansion

St Marks Elementary School

  • Secure Entrance
  • Mechanical Systems Upgrade
  • Gymnasium Addition
  • Expanded Parking & Access
  • Window Improvements
  • Storm Water Retention

Colwich Elementary School

  • Security Upgrades at Entry
  • Mechanical Systems Upgrade
  • Classroom Additions